Joseph Schmidt

Music Documentary, 60 min, 2004

Director(s): Marieke Schroeder
Cinematography: Martin Farkas, Thomas Bresinsky, Wolfgang Aichholzer
Editor: Gaby Kull-Neujahr

The story of Jewish tenor Joseph Schmidt whose voice touched millions in the early Thirties. When Germany voted Hitler into power, Schmidt had to flee. He died in Switzerland at the age of 38.

Co-produced by SF, ZDF/3sat, ORF, VRT, and YLE
Supported by Media+


Statement of colleague Paula Lindbergh-Salomon
"He was so sweet, that immediatly one wanted to hug him and to consolate him, even though he wasn't crying. Yet there was something within him, that gave you the impression that he wanted to cry."


Joseph Schmidt

2004 - 60 min - Marieke Schroeder