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Music Documentary, 80 min, 2008

Director(s): Marieke Schroeder
Cinematography: Ralph Netzer
Editor: Gaby Kull-Neujahr

Featuring: Peter Guelke, Jacquelyn Wagner, Raphael Pauss, Franziska Hirtzel, Joachim Herz, Dieter Hildebrandt, u.a.

Co-produced by SWR and Scholz Filmproduktion

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Everybody knows Schiller, everybody knows how to Schiller, Schiller touches everybody, Schiller is played and Schiller is sung. Many operas are based on his dramas, his poetry ceaselessly worked with. This film is an exploring journey through Schillers town Weimar retracing his steps and thoughts. Visiting important places and always accompanied by music, it engagingly brings Schillers poetic and musical reality into the present. The famous „Ode an die Freude “ with which Beethoven ended his 9th symphony and which has now taken on yet another meaning by signifying the idea of Europe, will serve as a red thread throughout the film.