Stage Light – Stage Fright


Music Documentary, 60 min, 2008

Directed by Marieke Schroeder

The life of an orchestra musician is marvelous. What other people pay a lot of money for, you get paid to do. You are gifted, you bring joy into people’s lives, everybody loves you. And chances are high you are an alcoholic, lonely, and burnt out. Musicians have the third most stressful profession worldwide topped only by air traffic controllers and emergency room doctors. Their working hours are antisocial, their lives lonesome. And work demands from them constant negotiating with something, some of them need in order to perform.

This film takes the viewer into stage light, the bright lights, that some of artists need to live and to perform and others have to fight in order to perform. It deals with the terrible curse of stage fright in all of its facets.

Hélène Grimaud
Sir Peter Jonas
Sunny Melles
Lars Vogt
Mohamed Youssry

Cinematography: Thomas Bresinsky, Pascal Hoffmann, Alexander Schlichter, Marcus von Kleist
Editor: Andreas Ehrig

In co-production with SWR, NRK, SF, SVT and YLE