PARS MEDIA is a production company specializing in documentary and feature films on classical music, dance, and the fine arts. Films on art - film as art. 

PARS MEDIA films have been shown at film and TV festivals in Berlin (berlinale), Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, Riccione, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Ohio, Minnesota/St. Paul, Munich, Leipzig, Paris, Monte-Carlo, and Melbourne. 

PARS MEDIA films have received awards at such festivals as Chicago (Silver medal), Prague ("Czech Crystal"), Paris, Ohio, Monte Carlo, Munich, Berlin (nomination for the German Film Prize) and Cannes (Midem Classique Award). 

PARS MEDIA’s films have been broadcast in over thirty countries. They have appeared on Laser Disc, VHS, and DVD and many have had theatrical releases, making PARS MEDIA one of the world's leading producers of art and music films.