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Film: » Opera Fanatic «

If one just sings, without putting in any heart or soul, it remains just beautiful singing, and not a soul that sings!
Magda Olivero

Today personality doesn’t exist. Either they don’t know what it is, or they don’t have the courage. “I understand what you’re saying,” pupils tell me, “but I don’t know how to do it.” And I say: But at a certain moment you say to your fiancé, “I love you”. You don’t have to say it melodrammatically like in theater, but you have to put something of your own into it. When you sing “My heart opens for you,” this is so sensual that it should be sung with a certain part of the body I dare not name. But it has to be like this!
Giulietta Simionato

I know of these magnetic emanations I have. When I’m on stage I say: "Now you have to feel as I do!"
Leyla Gencer

A singer cannot be compared to an actor. The singer has to sing. He has to stay motionless. When he sings a romance he can’t walk up and down the stage. Otherwise the voice shifts. The singer has to be an actor through his gestures, through his face, through his arms and hands. Through his voice! Expression is done through singing.
Anita Cerquetti

They say… – Tell me! – … that mezzos … – Here comes the lie. – … are more … – Lie! Boys, I know sopranos who are in bed from morning to night! Don’t talk of mezzos. The same with basses. – You think all singers have carnal appetites? – All. Don’t you? – Of course. I’m a tenor!
Fedora Barbieri and Stefan Zucker

Film: » Opera Fanatic «